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Roman Portrait Bust of a Boy, 2nd Century AD

Bust of a young male figure with pleasant expression. The face shows large lidded eyes, a prominent nose and sensuous lips. Venus rings on the neck.

The hair is textured with short sickle-shaped curls and topped by a stippled wreath with ribbons that run along the shoulders.

The boy is dressed in a skin tight robe. Belly button indicated.

The wreath suggests a Dionysian context. The figure possibly depicts the youthful Bacchus.

Hard fired ceramic with greyish core. Surface with remains of an ochre engobe. Vent hole behind.

Broken at the waist level. Right ear and small section of the wreath damaged. Superb make with much use of the modeling tool.

H. 15.2 cm (6 in)

Ex Swiss private collection.

680 USD

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