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Rhodian Potbellied Dwarf, ex Ernst Pfuhl, 525-500 BC

Archaic Period naked dwarf standing in squat position and holding his hands in front of his belly.

The head with almond-shaped eyes, thick nose and nice archaic smile. The hair on the back with horizontal steps. The surface covered by a brown glaze.

This kind of paunchy dwarf figurines is thought to be inspired by the dwarf god Paitakos, the Egyptian patron of children.

Collector’s tag (117) behind covered by a second one referring to Fischer's 1941 sale and reading (B1404-234-ist pe).

For a Rhodian example close in shape and size, cf. fig. C40 in: F.W. Hamdorf et al. Die figürlichen Terrakotten der Staatlichen Antikensammlungen München. Bd. 1. Lindenberg i.A. 2014.

Excellent modelling. Feet and rectangular plinth missing.

H. 6.3 cm (2.5 in)

Ex collection of Ernst Pfuhl (1876-1940), Basel, renowned classical archaeologist and art historian.

Thence Galerie Fischer Luzern, 21 May 1941 sale, part of lot 232 (with copy of the catalogue entry).

Auction house owner Theodor Fischer gifts the piece to a friend in July 02, 1941 (copy of the accompanying note and list of objects joined).

880 USD

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