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Greek Head of a Dioscuros, ex Ernst Pfuhl, around 450 BC

Terracotta head of one of the Dioscuri wearing a pointed cap with bulged rim. Strands of wavy hair frame the face.

The head is almost entirely covered with a white slip. The details of the face such as eyes and mouth were rendered with additional colors.

On the back an old label with the inscription 'ελάτεια A/2 [18]84, indicating the Phocian city of Elateia as the place where the piece was found and the year of discovery.

Elateia was after Delphi the second most important place in the Phocis region.

The second label refers to Fischer's 1941 sale.

Διόσκουρος written with pencil on the back.

For a similar head on a figure identified as Hermes, cf. C42, pl. 63 in: S. Mollard-Besques. Catalogue Raisonné des Figurines et Reliefs en Terre-Cuite Grecs Etrusques et Romains, Vol. I. Paris 1954.

Head fragment, broken at the neck level. Interesting piece with excellent provenance.

H. 8 cm (3.1 in)

Ex collection of Ernst Pfuhl (1876-1940), Basel, renowned classical archaeologist and art historian.

Thence Galerie Fischer Luzern, May 1941 sale, lot 232/1 (with copy of the catalogue entry).

Auction house owner Theodor Fischer gifts the piece to a friend in July 1941 (copy of the accompanying note and list of objects joined).

780 USD

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