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Greek Tanagra Eros, ex Thomas Virzi, 350-300 BC

Seated Eros tightly wrapped in a heavy cloak pulled over the stippled wreath on his head.

The chubby face with remains of pink color, red lips.

Eros holds a pointed amphora with a stippled ribbon hanging around the vessel’s shoulder. The ends of the ribbon run down the young god's back. The stumps on the back belong to the missing wings.

White color for the garment. Traces of red and blue pigment on the sideward folds.

For a coarser Eros holding an amphora of Thasian type, cf. British Museum 1856,1001.56.

Wings missing. Right leg reattached, restoration to the buttocks. Old collection label with inventory number behind.

H. 7 cm (2.8 in)
H. with stand 11 cm (4.3 in)

Thomas Virzi (1881-1974) private collection, New York. Published in Cahn's Quarterly 3/2015.

890 USD

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