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Coptic Bone Doll Figure, Early Islamic Egypt, 7th Century AD

Highly stylized female figure carved from a long bone.

Details of the head, the anatomy and tattoos carefully drawn in ink and faintly visible.

Deep incisions to delimit the different parts of the body. The incised X on the chest may indicate the cross bands of a garment.

Drilled holes at the shoulder level to attach separate arms.

For a closely related example, cf. item 157a, pp. 126-127 in: André Wiese. Antikensammlung Basel und Sammlung Ludwig. Die ägyptische Abteilung. Mainz 2001.

Intact and fine, with minor surface wear.

H. 10.8 cm (4.3 in)

Ex Royal Athena Galleries, New York, sold as part of a group of Egyptian bone objects in 2014.

420 USD

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