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Anatolian Hacilar IIB Vase, ex Elsa Bloch-Diener, 5400-5250 BC

Hand modeled biconical vase extending to pointed sides. The cylindrical neck slightly flaring on top. Stands on a flat base.

The carefully burnished surface covered with a warm red-brown wash.

Monochrome ware, Hacilar IIB pottery. For the discussion of the level IIB monochrome ware, cf. pp. 118-119 in: J. Mellaart. Excavations at Hacilar. Edinburgh 1970.
For the shape, cf. fig. 70,3 (pp. 292-293) and pl. 78,2 (p. 126) in: op. cit.

Minor chip out of the rim. Otherwise intact and fine. Sinter deposits.

H. 16 cm (6.3 in), W. 18.5 cm (7.3 in)

Ex collection of the Swiss gallery owner Elsa Bloch-Diener (1922-2012), Berne, acquired 1968-1983.

Sold 780 USD

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