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Anatolian Hacilar I Period Vase, ex Elsa Bloch-Diener, TL-Tested, 5250-5000 BC

Hand modeled biconical vase with carefully burnished cream ground.

Hand modeled biconical vase with cream ground and red to dark brown decoration.

The body with groups of chevrons starting from a star-shaped pattern on the bottom. The narrow neck with a band of converging zig-zag patterns.

The globular body elongates laterally into pointed knob handles.

Standing on a gently rounded base.

Shape and decoration are consistent with painted Hacilar I pottery ware.

For the shape, cf. fig. 140,7, pp. 412-413 in: J. Mellaart. Excavations at Hacilar. Vol. 1. Edinburgh 1970.
For the discussion of Hacilar I pottery, cf. pp. 130-142 in: op. cit.

H. 11.3 cm (4.5 in)
D. rim 8.7 cm (3.4 in)
W. over knob handles 12.5 cm (4.9 in)

Fine condition. Small chip out the rim, burnished surface. Root marks and sinter deposits in places.

Ex Elsa Bloch-Diener Gallery, Berne. Comes with original Oxford TL-report dated March 1976.

5600 USD

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