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Egyptian Figure of Harpokrates, Roman Period, 2nd Century AD

Terracotta fragment of Harpokrates wearing a large stippled wreath topped by the Egyptian double crown.

The hair is arranged in tight curls and frames the face, which has large eyes with sharply defined eyelids, a broad nose and fleshy lips. The right index finger points to his mouth.

The youthful god is dressed in a long tunic, belted at the waist.

Harpokrates, the infant son of Isis and Horus, symbolized both youth and fertility. Harpokrates was revered as the patron deity of childhood.

For a close parallel, cf. acc. no. 86.403 British Museum database.

Moldmade, from a two halves. Much use of the modeling tool. Pink coating is preserved in places.

Old label behind preferring to lot number 995 of an unknown auction. Horus written with pencil on the back.

Figure fragment, broken at waist level. Surface slightly worn in places.

H. 8.8 cm (3.5 in)

Unknown auction house, early 20th century sale, part of lot no. 995.

Theodor Fischer, auction house owner from Lucerne, gifts the piece to a friend in 1941 (copy of the accompanying note joined).

420 USD

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