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Etruscan Malacena Beaked Oinochoe, 320-280 BC

Black-glazed piriform vase with rounded shoulder and high neck pinched to form a narrow spout, slightly rounded on top.

The angular handle behind arching down to the shoulder. Lustrous gloss with metallic bluish tint.

So-called Malacena ware from the Volterra region of Northern Etruria.

For a closely related example, cf. vase no. 109 in: J. W. Hayes. Greek and Italian Black-Gloss Wares and Related Wares in the Royal Ontario Museum. Toronto 1984.

Complete, handle reattached, small chip out of the foot mended. Fine condition.

H. 15.7 cm (6.2 in)

Swiss art market until 2001, thence Swiss private collection, Biel.

Sold 600 USD

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