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Etruscan Stemmed Bucchero Chalice, 575-550 BC

Fine Etruscan chalice supported by a tall, slender stem. Three parallel grooves and a sharply cut carination decorate the exterior of the bowl.

Robust double molding on the stem, close to the flaring foot. Brilliant black Bucchero pottery with polished surface.

Rare shape commonly associated with the ancient Etruscan city of Vulci. For a related example in Malibu, cf. Beazley Archive vase no. 1002468.

Stem mended, item otherwise intact and fine. Minor wear in places.

H. 15 cm (5.9 in)
D. bowl 12.6 cm (5 in)

German private collection S.O., Munich, since at least 1990, acquired from a private collection in Starnberg.

1650 USD


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Literature: Stéphane Gsell. Fouilles dans la nécropole de Vulci. Paris 1891.
Ferdinando Sciacca (ed). Materiali etrusco-italici e greci da Vulci (scavi Gsell) e di provenienza varia. Roma 2017.

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