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Egyptian Grotesque Head, ex Moshe Dayan Collection, 2nd-3rd century AD

Terracotta grotesque head with typical pejorative traits of a slave.

The bearded man shows a high, furrowed brow, bulged eyebrows, and a thick, hooked nose. The mouth with its thick lower lip is contoured by a moustache.

For a comparable example, cf. item no. 489 in: Eva Bayer-Niemeier. Bildwerke der Sammlung Kaufmann. Band I. Griechisch-römische Terrakotten. Melsungen 1988.

Much use of the modelling stick. Moldmade of two halves, only the front surviving. Traces of a very thin white coating or slip. Red-brown Nile silt.

Behind ink inscription in Arabic reading: 293/313.

Broken at the neck level. Superb modeling.

H. 4.5 cm (1.8 in), H. with stand 8.5 cm (3.4 in)

Ex collection of Moshe Dayan (1915-1981), Israel. Conveyed to his friend Ervin Harvith through the Tel Aviv Hilton Archaeological Shop in 30.12.1979. (purchase receipt joined)

580 USD

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