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Neoclassical Caryatide Head, 1790-1800 AD

Appealing neoclassical stone head on top of a partially preserved pilaster.

The round head shows arched eyebrows, eyes with defined lids, a straight nose, and a sensuous mouth.

The wavy hairdo is covered by a band of serrated ivy leaves and corymbs. Tight curls frame the forehead and the temples.

Inspired by classical ideals.

The remaining pilaster with striped lines on the front and tongue bars on the sides.

Early neoclassicism knows herm-like figures in gardens or as side supports of fireplaces.

The small size of the present example points to a sconce. Once the pilaster is vertical, the head looks down, which in turn indicates its elevated suspension on a wall.

Lower end of the pilaster broken off, bottom leveled and smoothed. Point of the nose abraded.

H. 5.4 cm (2.1 in)

Swiss private collection, from the estate of an English gentleman. Acquired in Egypt in 1910.

480 USD

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