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Greek Boeotian Figure Warrior, ex Ernst Pfuhl, 4th Century BC

The naked warrior sidesteps to the left, protecting his upper body behind a round shield.

With his right hand he grasps the edge of the shield, whose central device is a large flower with embossed petals.

The man is naked, except for a shawl that flutters behind his leg.

Made of two halves with square vent hole behind. Remains of white slip and pink pigment.

The original collector's label is covered by a second one related to lot number 234 of the 1941 Fischer auction.

The label below with the inscription 'ανθηδών BN/KE-P 1887 refers to the Boeotian town of Anthedon as finding place and to the year of discovery.

Reconstituted from fragments, head missing, old restoration. Interesting piece with excellent provenance.

H. 9.8 cm (3.9 in)

Ex collection of Ernst Pfuhl (1876-1940), Basel, renowned classical archaeologist and art historian.

Thence Galerie Fischer Luzern, 21 May 1941 sale, part of lot 232 (with copy of the catalogue entry).

Auction house owner Theodor Fischer gifts the piece to a friend in July 02, 1941 (copy of the accompanying note and list of objects joined).

Sold 880 USD

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