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Byzantine Lamp with Greek Inscription, 5th-7th Century AD

Early Byzantine lamp with Christian good evening formula written on the shoulder.

The circular Greek inscription reads ΦΟC KY ΦΕΝΙ ΚΑΛΙ ΕCΠΕΡΑ ΠΑ meaning: The light of the Lord shines – Good evening to all!

Fine almond shaped lamp made of reddish clay. The filling and the wick hole surrounded by a pronounced rim. The channel to the nozzle with a sinuous ornament. Unpierced lug handle at rear. The base with a concentric circle and a star at center.

Almond shaped oil lamps are known from the Levant. The present example originates from Palestine.

From the same mold, although better preserved, as lamp type A 5.2 (p. 98, fig. 3:54) in: Stanislao Loffreda. Lucerne bizantine in Terra Santa con iscrizioni in greco. Jerusalem 1989.

Intact and fine.

L. 8.4 cm (3.3 in), W. 7 cm (2.8 in)

Ex French private collection, acquired at Hôtel Drouot, Paris.

Sold 870 USD

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