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Large Roman Lamp, Claudian to Flavian, 50-75 AD

Large and well-designed Roman lamp with the planta pedis impressed on the base.

Bailey type G lamp characterized by bow-shaped lug handles on each side of the body.

The concave discus with a central filling hole; the air hole pierced near the nozzle channel.

The outer side with relief decoration towards the nozzle. The flat base marked off by circular grooves. The central footprint stamp surrounded by three evenly distributed pelta motifs in relief.

The ring handle with a carefully designed sprig on the upper part.

Buff clay covered with finger-marked dark brown slip. The crisp modeling orientates on metallic examples.

Close in shape and size to lamp Q1093 in: D. Bailey. A Catalogue of the Lamps in the British Museum. Vol. 2. Roman Lamps Made in Italy. London 1980.

L. 16.4 cm (6.5 in), D. without handles 10.1 cm (4 in)

Reconstituted from larger shards with minor infill. Bow of one lug handle missing. Exquisite make.

Ex Swiss private collection since April 1990. Comes with the original description and receipt of the selling gallery.

780 USD

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