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Greek Plaquette with Medusa Head, ex Philipp Lederer, 4th Century BC

Thin walled terracotta plaquette with the head of the scary Medusa in relief.

Appealing style, with round face and wavy locks of thick hair.

Medusa is depicted as a beautiful woman, in a sharp change from her monstrous appearance in earlier periods.

Pierced on top for suspension. The thin make points to an amulet rather than a loom weight.

Auction house tag (85) behind.

Intact, fine condition. Sintered surface.

D. 5.5 cm (2.2 in)

Private collection of Dr. Philipp Lederer (1872-1944), renowned numismatic and antiquarian.

Thence Galerie Fischer Luzern, 21 May 1941 sale, lot 85 (with copy of the catalogue entry).

Auction house owner Theodor Fischer gifts the piece to a friend in July 02, 1941 (copy of the accompanying note and list of objects joined).

980 USD

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Published with: Galerie Fischer Auktion, Luzern. Ägyptische, griechische, etruskische, römische Altertümer, Sammlung Prof. Dr. Ernst Pfuhl, Basel, Sammlung Dr. Philipp Lederer, Lugano und anderer Besitz. Luzern 1941.

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