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Luristan Winged Monster Pin, 8th-7th Century BC

Winged dragon monster with ripped mouth, prominent ears, and long curved neck. The sickle-shaped wing is supported by the slightly curled tail. The hind legs of the imaginary figure are indicated.

The head is cast separately and attached to the shaft of the needle that tapers towards the back.

The monster motif originates from Elam and was later on adopted in Luristan.

For a close parallel, cf. acc. no. 48.154.6 in the Metropolitan Museum database.

Intact and fine.

L. 19.5 cm (7.7 in)

Ex Swiss private collection. Comes with the expertise of Galerie Nefer Zurich, dated September 11, 1987.

Sold 850 USD

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Literature: Oscar W. Muscarella. Bronze and Iron: Ancient Near Eastern Artifacts in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York 1988. Item no. 276, p. 173.

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