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Greek Apulian Black Patterned Oinochoe, 4th Century BC

Trefoil-lipped oinochoe with a hanging palmette flanked by tendrils and small dotted circles on the reserved front. The shoulder shows an Ionic kymation, the bottom an open meander.

Too much glaze in the brush has resulted in splatters and a black tear that has run into the reserved area.

Beautifully shaped oinochoe of bulbous body. The high swung handle arching from the trefoil mouth to the shoulder. Standing on a low foot in two degrees.

Pristine quality and condition, brilliant black glaze. Tip of the mouth reattached, with a small restored section.

H. 15.8 cm (6.2 in)

Ex Arete Gallery Zurich, acquired August 1997.

1150 USD

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