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Xenon Group Trefoil-lipped Oinochoe, Apulian, 400-350 BC

Beautifully shaped oinochoe covered with a black metallic glossy varnish of excellent quality.

The flat shoulder decorated with radiating strokes in applied red. The body with a meander and a wavy line with circles in the interstices. The handle area framed by vertical lines.

The high swung handle arching from the trefoil mouth to the shoulder.

The concise modeling orientates on jugs made in metal.

For a closely related vase, cf. acc. no. 1971.11.14 in the Metropolitan Museum database.

Pristine quality and condition. Brilliant black glaze and superb preservation of the applied red color.

H. 14.5 cm (5.7 in)

Ex Arete Gallery Zurich, acquired August 1997.

890 USD

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