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Egyptian Terracotta Figure of a Baboon, Late Period, 664-30 BC

Terracotta figure of a seated baboon, animal sacred to Thot, the Egyptian god of writing and other intellectual pursuits.

Crisp facial features with pronounced supra-orbital ridges, deep set eyes and a dominant, protruding muzzle. The cheek fur and the upper body cape are typical for male baboons. The genitalia are exposed.

The dog faced baboon was a creature associated with the moon, as shown by the crescent moon and the disc on its head.

For a nice bronze example in the Petrie Museum database, cf. LDUCE-UC8162.

Intact, crisply modeled.

H. 3.8 cm (1.5 in)

Ex collection R.W., Maryland, acquired while in Egypt in 1967.

480 USD

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