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Egyptian Limestone Head of Harpokrates, 400-200 BC

Egyptian head with side lock, probably of Harpokrates, the infant son of Isis and Horus.

The face shows almond shaped eyes, a flattish nose, and slit mouth.

The well preserved left ear appears just below the partially present side lock. The neck slightly bent to the figure's left side.

The head most likely belongs to an ithyphallic limestone figure. For a related example, cf. acc. no. ST58 in the British Museum database.

Crudely carved from soft limestone. Covered with a warm brown patina with some calcified areas.

Old label behind preferring to lot number 995 of an unknown auction. Horus written with pencil on the back.

Head fragment, broken at neck level.

H. 5 cm (2 in)

Unknown auction house, early 20th century sale, part of lot no. 995.

Theodor Fischer, auction house owner from Lucerne, gifts the piece to a friend in 1941 (copy of the accompanying note joined).

450 USD

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