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Sebastian Münster, Woodcut with Caesar at Rome, Edition of 1588

Rare woodcut of Imperator Julius Caesar seated in front of the city of Rome.

Caesar is represented by a contemporary ruler wearing a crown and heavy armour. Judging from the banner with the double-headed eagle suspended from his chair this is a member of the Habsburg lineage.
The coat of arms with lions and lozenges in front of the ruler's feet is attested to the Dukes of Bavaria.

The view of Rome is based on the woodcut in the Nuremberg Chronicle of 1493. The template there was transferred directly, which is why the city of Rome appears mirror-inverted.

The view of the Eternal City shows the Victory Column, the Pantheon and the Colosseum - on the other side of the river the Mausoleum of Hadrian, St. Peter's Basilica (still Romanesque), the Papal Palace and various city walls.

The back side with the cut picture of Octavianus Augustus and a vignette of the emperor Claudius.

The present print is rare and was first used in the 1588 edition of Münster's Cosmography.

Sebastian Münster (1488-1552) was a cosmographer and professor of Hebrew who taught at Tübingen, Heidelberg, and Basel.

Beautiful late Gothic style for the city, the human figures in early Baroque style.

Laid paper, woodcut

Basle, edition of 1588 AD

18 cm (7.1 in), 15.3 cm (6 in)

Print slightly faded. Paper lightly browned, woodcut trimmed along the frame, few tiny holes.

280 USD

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Source: Sebastian Münster. Cosmographey oder Beschreibung aller Länder herrschafftenn und fürnemesten Stetten des gantzen Erdbodens […]. Edited by Sebastian Henricpetri, Basle 1588.

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