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Egyptian Limestone Concubine, Late Period, 630-400 BC

Votive figure of a naked woman, standing with her arms to the thighs. The head shows schematic features and a casket like wig.
Schematic rendering of the body, crudely carved in the round.

Enhanced with red and black painted decoration. Red for the necklaze, the upper arm bracelets and the decorative lines around the shins.
Remains of black on the hair and the pelvic triangle.

Freestanding figures are comparatively rare. Other variants show women standing within shrines or niches, as well as reclining on beds or couches. The figurines are often referred to as 'concubines'.

For a woman reclining on a couch or recessed bed, cf. British Museum database acc. no. E.192a.1899. The reclining examples may be regarded as offerings of women before or after childbirth.

For a figure standing in a niche, cf. British Museum database reg. no. 1972,0817.87. The examples in niches are thought to represent goddesses.

Intact and rare. Excellent example, expressively executed. Minor surface wear and traces of paint, rootmarks in places.

H. 9.2 cm (3.6 in)

Swiss private property, acquired from Swiss antiquities dealer Christian Grand, prior to 1971.

1850 USD

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