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Lower Palaeolithic Quartzite Biface, 350000-200000 BC

Large ovate hand axe made of a flake of tan quartzite. Bifacial tool with neat front side, the coarser back side with some removal of flakes. The continuous cutting edge weathered by sand and wind action.

This type of tool making is characteristic of the presence of Palaeolithic populations in North Africa.

For the hominid evolution in the Sahara and North Africa, cf. Brown University Course ARCH 1616: Brett Kaufman. Between Sahara and Sea: North Africa from Human Origins to Islam. Providence, Rhode Island, n.d.

Intact and fine. Nice shape with great desert patina.

H. 18.6 cm (7.3 in), W. 11.5 cm (4.5 in)
Weight: 1088 gr

Swiss private collection, acquired 1968-1978.

180 USD

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