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Woodcut Martyrdom of Apollinaris of Ravenna, early 16th Century AD

Woodcut with the martyrdom of Apollinaris outside the city walls of Ravenna.

Taken from a book with legends of the saints in Latin.

Apollinaris was considered the founder and bishop of the Christian community of Ravenna. According to the legend, Apollinaris was apprehended at the gates of the city and brutally beaten to death.

Believers venerate Apollinaris a helper against epilepsy.

The text shows different font sizes as well as red text sections and initials. The top of the leaf reads in red: In sancti appollinaris epi(scopus). The previous page is entitled: In sancte marie magdalene.

Beautiful late Gothic style. The shading of the figures is more emphasized and increases their plasticity – so the woodcut does not belong to the 15th century AD.

20.7 cm (8.1 in), 15.1 cm (5.9 in)

Clear print on laid paper Red initials and text passages, different font sizes. Paper lightly browned.

80 USD

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