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Egyptian Bronze Standard of the Jackal God Wepwawet, Late Period, 664–31 BC

Amuletic figure of the canine god Wepwawet depicted on the bar of a standard.

The front of the sledge is curved like a billowing sail and integrates a couple of rearing uraeus cobras.

The jackal wears a dog collar, the suspension loop behind is partially preserved. This small example was intended as a protective amulet.

For a related example, cf. acc. no. 23.6.6 in the Metropolitan Museum database.

The jackal god Wepwawet, also known as 'Opener of Paths', helped the deceased along the often dangerous trails to the afterlife and paved their way to the final judgment of the dead.

Rare amulet, delicate make. Suspension loop damaged.

L. 3.6 cm (1.4 in), H. 2.6 cm (1 in)

Ex Swiss private collection since the 1970-1980s.

580 USD

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