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Roman Gaulish Wine Amphora, Mid 1st to 3rd Century AD

Roman wine amphora with spindle-shaped body on a short ring foot. Rounded shoulder with short neck, the handles attached just below the bulged mouth.

Typologically this is a Gaulish wine amphora (amphore vinaire Gauloise), which was manufactured in Galia Narbonensis, French Provence area. Type Gauloise 4, after Sciallano/Sibella.

Intact. Large and well shaped pottery. Natural cover with small shells, snails; oyster shell on the mouth. Comes with iron stand.

H. 64 cm (25.2 in)
H. with stand: 70 cm (27.6 in)

Swiss private collection, thence Swiss art market, March 2003.

2600 USD

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