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Daunian Double Strainer Askos, Listata Style, 3rd Century BC

Large bulbous vessel topped by cylindrical spouts and a twofold handle between them. One spout with a red strainer on the top, the other with red wash inside and a strainer on the base.

Decorated with blue-black lines, wave scrolls, an undulating line with ivy leaves and a chain design.
Ornaments below the handle, floral motifs near the base.

Small clay ball trapped inside to shake the liquid content.

For another larger than usual example with comparable decoration, cf. Beazley Database, vase no. 9002188.

The vase can be categorized into Daunian Subgeometric III B, Listata III, and dates to the 3rd century BC. The so-called listata style ceramic is thought to originate from the Daunian city of Canosa.

Intact, good condition. Some surface wear.

H. 28.8 cm (11.3 in), D. 19 cm (7.5 in)

Private collection, acquired in the Swiss art market in December 2002.

980 USD

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