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Greek Sicilian Votive Head, Severe Style, 480-460 BC

Fine Western Greek head fragment with calm expression and appealing Early Classical facial features.

The face shows a prominent nose, full lips and a heavy chin. The beautifully arched brows span over indistinct eyes that were originally painted. The hairline above the forehead with heavy curls.

Found in Selinus (Selinunte), according to the accompanying invoice and the label on the base.

The Severe Style marks the transition from Late Archaic to Early Classical art. It is defined by the simplicity or severity of forms, visible in both facial features and treatment of the clothes. An outstanding example from Sicily is the famous marble statue of the Mozia Charioteer.

Fragmentary. Surface slightly worn with soil deposits. On old custom stand.

H. 9.7 cm (3.8 in)
H. with stand 23 cm (9.1in)

Ex Galeria M. A. Daneu, Palermo, sold April 24, 1962 – well before the UNESCO World Heritage Convention of 1972 (copy of the invoice joined).

2650 USD

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