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Greek Sicilian Pagenstecher Lekythos, Marianopoli-Gela Group, 340-330 BC

Vase of outstanding provenance, acquired in 1962, well before the UNESCO World Heritage Convention of 1972.

Pagenstecher lekythos showing a goose with high swung neck, massive body with distinct wing tips, and detailed feet.

The beak once rendered with white color, faint discoloration of the eye. Above the bird a dot rosette.

Ascending tendrils on the sides, a linear palmette on the back.

The decoration scheme is characteristic for the Sicilian Marianopoli-Gela Group.

The vase is quite heavy and thus thick-walled – no doubt to limit the volume of the precious liquid it was designed to hold.

For a similar example, cf. pl. 26 d-f in: Rolf Hurschmann. Die Pagenstecher-Lekythoi. Berlin/New York 1997.

Rim reattached, applied color faded. Else excellent condition. On old custom stand.

H. 11.9 cm (4.7 in)

Ex Galeria M. A. Daneu, Palermo, inv. no. Sca605, sold April 24, 1962 (copy of the invoice joined).

1450 USD

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