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Lucanian Red-figure Pelike, Roccanova Painter, 330-320 BC

Large vase decorated with red-figure scenes. A chiton clad woman with a small box stands in front of a naked youth holding a taenia; the youth’s cloak is wrapped around his arm.

Volutes and flowers in the field, a discus placed between the heads.

Cloaked youths with strigilis and a walking stick on the reverse.

The side handles with a central ridge, the areas below show heavy palmettes with lateral volutes and bellflower blossoms. The neck with a laurel wreath.

The style is characteristic for the Lucanian Roccanova Painter, who was active during the third quarter of the 4th century BC. For a red-figure hydria from the same painter, cf. acc. no. 62.147.9 in the Brooklyn Museum database.

Reconstituted from large fragments. Applied red wash on the figures worn. Surface wear in places.

H. 32 cm (12.6 in)

Swiss private collection, acquired March 2010 (copy of the invoice joined).

2850 USD

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