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Greek Sicilian Sieve Guttus, Pre-1972 Provenance, 4th-3rd Century BC

Vase of outstanding provenance, acquired in 1962, well before the UNESCO World Heritage Convention of 1972.

Black glazed sieve guttus with a raised molding around the perforated sieve at centre. Pairwise cannelures on the cushion-shaped body. The ring handle placed at right angles to the straight spout. Ring foot reserved underneath.

For a related example, cf. inv. no. Cp 3333 in the Louvre Museum database.

Intact and fine. Black glaze slightly worn in places. On old labeled custom stand.

D. 9.6 cm (3.8 in)
W. to spout 12.4 cm (4.9 in)

Ex Galeria M. A. Daneu, Palermo, inv. no. Sca579. Sold April 24, 1962 (copy of the invoice joined).

680 USD

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